Thursday, 8 September 2005


Stuart is busy just now replacing the batteries in our fire alarm bleep bleep bleep thats it done.  Kept him up the other night peeping every 30 seconds.So thats us safe for a while I hope.  The pictures at the top are nothing to do with today they were taken in March this year when we were away for a few days.  They were taken on Scourie Beach, a small village in the north west corner of Scotland a beautiful spot. Have been visiting this place on and off for the last 35 years.  Now the heading says crisps here's me on my hobby horse again.  Has anybody noticed the price ot crisps lately.  We had coffee in M&S today and I was going to get a packet of plain crisps BUT, they wanted 70  pence per packet I just could not bring myself to pay that.  When I was young a few years ago just a few, crisps were 4 pence per packet thats old pence for those that  do'nt remember that curency  that would be about 2pence today  how thing have changed, thats my rant for today not much to rant about but it just got to me while I was standing in the queue,Well I had better go now as I think hubby is needing fed . Goodnight and Godbless. Sorry no paragraphs still having problems.                             Joan.                                                                 



jeanno43 said...

Well, I no longer eat crisps, well the odd few but very rarely because of the diabetic diet I have to stick to.  But the prices are disgusting.  I remember the old days with the little bag of salt and they were twopence of threepence a packet not sure which.  It is scandalous when you think how much potatoes cost and have many millions of packets are produced. Sheer greed.  Nice pictures.

aniracj said...

Visited there a few years ago, it is lovely, we did not stop long tho' as Robbie was giving me a whistle stop tour - we did 450 odd miles in one day, it was fun though!!!

sarajanesmiles said...

The photo's are stunning, what a beautiful place, I can understand why you like to go back there alot :o)
As for crisps, I didn't realise that's what they cost these days!  Ridiculous!  
Sara   x