Thursday, 6 October 2005


At last  I have managed to put a picture in where I wanted it to be . Thanks to everybody who has lent their advice.  This is a very rare picture of Stuart and myself together as its usually one of me or one of Stu.  I got the waitress to take this one after we had our lunch today. I think we look a bit older than on the ones taken on 6th October 1962 but we are not too bad yet.   This is the third time of writing today as we had a family visit and  I lost my entry again with the exception of the picture which Jeannette has seen I will try to do it in word tomorrow. I would have posted a wedding photo for you but we do not have a scanner yet hint hint to Stu. and Santa.  I think if I start early enough tomorrow I will have my entry ready by teatime. Goodnight all . Joan.


jeanno43 said...

What a super picture!

abatwingedangel said...

Hi Joan,
Just popping in to say hello. What a nice picture of you and your husband.
Take care,
Sarah. :)

sarajanesmiles said...

Oh well done you :o) :o)
And what a lovely picture!
Sara   x