Thursday, 20 October 2005

Part Three.

Now where was I oh yes day three.  This was to be the worst day of the week weather wise so we know the weather at Dornoch is supposed to be the driest in Scotland so we headed off after our big hearty breakfast.  The rain stayed off as we stopped at Dingwall's brand new Tesco's for sandwiches for our lunch.  You don't need too much at lunch as you have to a good appetite for dinner. We then drove round to Dornoch and Loch Fleet, the rain still staying off.  We had a lovely walk there and then moved round the bay to a small nature reserve.  Now I am going to show you a photo of Whooper Swans, thats the ones that visit us from the Arctic every winter, promised not to bore you with bird talk but these picture were taken through the camera being held up against the Telescope.  Am needing to buy the thing that attatches the camera to the telescope but that little ring cost over £150 so I will have to save up. The Swans were about  120 yds away so I think I did not too bad. (Now for the hard bit) Hope that looks ok when I save it, still not finding it easy getting the pictures to the right size. There was about 24 of these Whoopers all together along with about 1000 Grey Lag Geese. We just got all settled when the heavens opened and the rain came on very heavy. I retired to the shelter of the car but Stu stayed it out for another 30mins or so brave soul that he is.  It was a good day and the birdwatching was really rewarding.  After that soaking it was back to Strathpeffer for a shower and a nice dinner.   Could not resist this picture I was lucky the dining room was almost empty when I took this picture so I did not look too silly

Back up to day the weather today is not too bad it has brightened up and I got my new Whirly set up and the washing is blowing in the wind hope its drying as well.  So I will close now and see you later. Love                                 


jeanno43 said...

Lovely picture of the swans. It must be great seeing so many bird gathered together like that. I like the chandelier as well!  Been a strange day here, some sun, lots of black clouds and now it is turning quite chilly.

jeadie05 said...

Joan that chandelier looks like a graphic ,Beautiful swans, Ibet you can work up an appetite for your dinner, walking  out in the rain     Jan xx