Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Christmas in October

Stuart and I went up to our local garden centre for coffee this morning and Lo and Behold its Christmas.  Now don't get me wrong I love Christmas but this is only th 4th October, and, this was not a few things this was the whole shooting match, trees, lights everything you can think of.  I just think it spoils Christmas when it starts at this time of the year-by the time Christmas comes its taken the shine off so to speak. Maybe you will not agree with me but that the way I feel. When you think of its nearly 4 weeks till Halloween. Thats my rant for today.

Thusday will be our 43rdWedding Anniversary and it seems like it was only maybe last week I can remember it so well. It was a lovely day cold and sunny for October a really nice day.   One thing I do remember was the new smell in our first house.  It was a small 2 roomed flat with no bathroom but we did have an inside toilet which was really something in 1962.  Everything in the house was new and thats what made this lovely smell even Stuart still speaks about it to this day.  I am being taken out to lunch on Thusday which is quite a occasion as we don't eat out much as I always feel I could feed us for days on what it cost today.  Oh dear I sound a real meanie. I better go now before I get on my high horse about something else.



sarajanesmiles said...

I agree with you about Christmas stuff being around too early, much too early!  
Happy Wedding Anniversary for Thursday :o)  
Sara   x

jeanno43 said...

Well Christmas around here started on the 1st September!  It gets earlier every single year and like you I detest it.  It takes all the excitement away especially for children, time goes fast enough as it is.  43 years, how wonderful.  Enjoy your lunch but I know what you mean about the expense.