Sunday, 23 October 2005

Staying out of the way

Good morning from a very rainy Scotland. At this moment I am staying out of the way as Stu is laying the new carpet in 'new study'.  I am better down here as I will just get the blame if it goes wrong and when your hubby has had a heart bypass you don't want to argue.  Of course he gets away with murder these days but I still love him most of the time. Upstairs at the moment is a complete shambles you  can hardly get into the loo never mind the bedroom as all the furniture is either in the bedroom or on the landing.  Our wardrobe is our original and is made of solid wood and we had to lift that our and it weighed a ton at least and that was empty. They don't make them like that anymore.  Never got round to finishing telling you about my holiday but I will get to it next week I hope. Well I will close now and get down here tidied up etc.  Bye just now.   



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jeanno43 said...

Hope the carpet laying goes well. It will be worth it afterwards. No, they do not make furniture like they used to, it was quality in those days.  Hazy sunshine here but chilly.