Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Part Two of the Holiday

Goodmorning J-land, now that I have got Stu settled upstairs with the paint brush and roller I can grab a few moments to do my journal.  Going back to the holiday, on Tuesday morning we watched to weather forecast and it said that the rain was traveling from west to east so we decided to go west and we made the right choice for once.  We headed off after a big big hotel breakfast won't say what we had or you will all be running for the frying pan. We set off to go to a place called Ullapool you have maybe heard of  it a lovely spot. I have been going there since I was about 5 years old so love the place to bits. Straying off a wee bit I sent all my Tesco vouchers for computers to Ullapool Primary School this  year and got the most lovely letter back in reply.  Back to Tuesday. The weather did as it was supposed to and brightened up all the way.The picture below is one I took looking down Loch Broom towards Ullapool. 

The next one the sun had just come  out and caught all the lovely white cottages in Ullapool itself- it looked a picture and Stu had to do a fast pull over to let me get this shot, its a pity about the tree but maybe it adds something.

After a while in Ullapool we had a run out to Ardmour Point to see if there were any divers in the bay will not go into details about the birding and bore you all to tears enough to say we had a sucessful trip there.  We then had to do an about turn back through Ullapool to go to Gruinard Bay to look for Sea Eagles but as usual no luck but we did have a grand day out......To Be Continued.  Love



jeanno43 said...

It is a beautiful part of the world, wish I had visited sometime. The pictures are great, no wonder you love it.  I am having a break whilst him indoors does the heavy work lol

aniracj said...

Oh Joan you are bringing back some lovely memories, Ullapool and Loch Broom are so lovely....Rob and I are definitely considering the trip up there again next year....with Sam in tow, he will love to paddle!

sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful beautiful photo's again m'dear ;o)
And the tree does add a little something doesn't it!
Sara   x