Monday, 17 October 2005

Monday Musings


Just had a lovely wee walk round to our local shop for a paper and some milk.  What a lovely day it has turned out the sun has broken through and there is no wind. As I was walking the leaves were falling ever so gently from the trees it was oh so peaceful. When I got back in my mood changed oh so fast.  I went to hang out my washing and my whirly drier snapped not the rope one of the spares that holds it up.  I am very annoyed as I have only had this one for 7 months does nothing last these days.  That must the the last thing to go on the blink for now surely. Stu is painting upstairs not the arty kind the on the walls type so I am staying out of the way,and only go up when he needs me. Hope to be back later.  Joan.


jeanno43 said...

Beautiful picture of the leaves, I love the way the light comes through .

aniracj said...

I hate it when you are in a really good mood, and then something so simple but annoying turns that mood!!! I stay out of Robs way when he is working - it makes life easier!!!

sarajanesmiles said...

Love the pic today Joan, it's beautiful :o)
Sorry about your whirly thing, completely understand why that upset your mood, but hope you are cheerier now.  
Sara   x