Monday, 24 October 2005

Monday Monday.

Good Afternoon, What a day it is up here, we have a very strong east wind and very heavy rain,  what I call side ways rain.  In thelast hour things have eased quite a bit.   Stuart has just come off the phone and on line about new home and building insurance.  Our renewal came in the other day and the increase was astronomical. We shopped around and got a very good quote from Norwich Union.  When Stuart then phome Halifax to cancel our old policy she said she would try to reduce it.  Why is it whenever you try to cancel insurance they can always manage to reduce it for you.  Do these people not have any loyalty for there existing customers.  Thats my rant for today.  You may notice that I play Rod Stewart's American Song Books an awful lot. Ever since I was given the first one in a gift I have hardly played anything else.  They are all old standard songs and he makes such a good job of singing them you would not think it could be done by a rocker. I now have three of these CDs and find them very relaxing and calming as I am prone to get a bit het up for no good reason and his singing really calms me down.  I am often found dancing around the lounge just like they do on Strickly Come Dancing well nearly lol.  Well I will close now as I want to change the furnitune round in our bedroom. Bye Bye and take care.




jeanno43 said...

I can just see you dancing around your living room, you little swinger you.  Know what you mean about the insurance.  We found the cheapest one for us was through our bank.  Terrible day here as well if it is any consolation.

aniracj said...

Monday, Monday, so good to me, Monday morning it's all I hoped it would be.....Mama's and Papas,  lol!!! I hate sideways rain as well!!!

sarajanesmiles said...

Lol, like Jeannette, I can see you dancing around your living room, strictly come dancing style ;o)  He he!
Sara   x