Saturday, 29 October 2005

Trying So hard.

Hi it's me again trying my best to get this right, same picture as this morning but hopefully you will be able to see it.  Was feeling very unwell this morning after trying so hard and it still not working so have tried something different this time so hopefully it will work.   If not I'll just have to try something else.  Thought I had it worked out earlier in the week but have a new Graphics/Clip program and that seems to causing the problem.  Can you tell me what todays entry is like now and also if you can see the picture I posted on Thusday   If I go over to Stuarts side of the computer all looks well that is what I cannot understand. Hope you are all having a pleasant Satuarday. Have been out Birding and for a walk which seems to have settled my blood pressure down a bit I hope as I am due for a check up soon and don't want another telling off from the Doctor.   By for now.


adlessor said...

Hi Joan,  Spent the better part of this morning reading your journal.  Nothing wrong with todays graphic, but was not able to see Thursday's.   Love your Zoch Fleet photo and also the Sickener Toadstool one.    I had never seen one before, very pretty.  Have a good weekend.         Dawn

jeanno43 said...

Pictures are fine now from today and yesterday but Thursdays is still not there.

aniracj said...

Hiya Joan,all okay from here, sorry to hear you were not feeling too good, hope  you are feeling better now.

abatwingedangel said...

Hi Joan :)
Love the donkey picture!
It's very frustrating when things don't go right isn't it? I think you are doing very well.
I hope you are feeling better now, take care of yourself.
Sarah xx