Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Have You Got Your Receipt Madam

As you will have guessed by the title I am about to have another rant today,  The subject being Ink Cartridges for the printer.  We replaced our cartridges in our printer the other day with Tesco's own brand which have always been OK,  up till now that is....... Stuart changed them,  as I don't touch things like that. and ran off a few pages but it did not look right at all.  Now Stuart does know what he is talking about as he was a Lithographer in the printing trade all his working life.  There is no blue ink in this cartridge he informed me but we did go through all the normal rig -ma-rol to reset the printer but to no avail.  So-- right we said we will take them back tomorrow when we are up in Perth.  So after a nice day in Perth we arrived a Tesco's. Crunch time..........Stroppy assistant --oh you have to put you cartridge in the envelope provided and send it back to the makers.  " We did not get an envelope in the package we said" Stroppy assistant I'll get you one and off she went.  She duly returned and said thought we had them but we don't you will have to phone them on this free phone number and they will send you and envelope to send the cartridge back they will send you a new one back.  We said this would not be of any use to us as we would have to buy another cartidge to use till this was sorted out. OK this would not have been the end of the world but I was angry by this time-- she then played what she thought was her ace card "Can I have your receipt please" well you've guessed it we did not have it.  Without the receipt I do not have proof of purchase she said.  I fortunatly had read the packaging and it said that you could have a replacement if the product did not satisfy,and we were not satisfied.  She then said she would call the Duty Manager on the phone, now I thought, we are getting somewhere.  Another wait and the DM arrived.  She apoligised for the faulty cartridge and gave us a replacemant no bother at all.   The stroppy assistant was not at all pleased but sorted it all out .  I was banking on this happening .  I did not work for Safeways Morrisons for 20 years and not know the system  So alls well that ends well as the saying goes. So after that I tale  will go and make the tea and say Goodnight  and God Bless.  Joan.


jeanno43 said...

Oh don't you just love stroppy assistants, the real "more than my jobs worth type".  I have met a few, they regretted it afterwards lol.  Glad it is all sorted.

aniracj said...

Good for you, it is all to do with Sale of Goods Act isn't it, plus Tesco's ink cartridges are only sold in Tesco's.....some sales assistants just cannot be bothered, and another thing about our local tesco's .....the break all the health and safety rules when they collect the trolly's!!!!!

arrmandadams said...

Hi there good on you teach those stroppy poppys a lesson, my biggest grip is a price tag thats says one thing and the till another for ever getting into arguments with stroppy jobs worths, dixons is bad for that, not fully up on my rights as a consumer but can hold a good argument, you dont go to Egypt and haggle the hind end of a donkey for nothing :)

So wanna see some pics soon from ya lady.

Indiana xx :-)

sarajanesmiles said...

Good for you m'dear :o)
Sara   x

jeanno43 said...

Just saw your picture, you need to resize it.  Go into edit again, right hand click on the picture and little white boxes will come up in the corners and in the middle of the sides.  Click and drag on them until your picture fits into your journal, remember to keep the proportions when you resize.