Monday, 3 October 2005

The Missing Makeup Bag.

Good Afternoon, today I am a very happy bunny why you ask I found the lost makeup bag.  All last weed I have been searching for my makeup bag. I have hunted high an d low but to no avail.  It is not valuable at all but you girls will know what I mean.  My fold up hair brush my lip brush my bronzer and my favourite lipstick were all in there.  I searched the house and the car and came to conclusion that i must have left it in some ladies room but still I felt it was in the house.  This morning we were going away birdwatching and I brought down the picmic bag and there in the sticking out the side pocket was my makeup bag  I was so pleased you would not have believed it you would have thought i had found a fortune but you will know what I mean.  I have plenty of cosmetics but that was not the same.  Never mind we had a good outcome in the end.

     We had a good day out and ended up at a place right under the two bridges the is the Forth Rail Bridge and The Forth road bridge it's a good place to watch the seabirds.

     Stu has been looking a my dish washing machine as it has not been feeling very well and has just come through ansd pronounced it dead.  So after   the fridge freezer a few week ago and my wee toasty maker last month that should be the three things for now I hope.  If this keeps up I'm going to be ruined.  Glad we booked the holiday before this happened.   A new one is a must in Stu's world as he hates washing dishes so this is the easy way out.  Well I had better go and see what we are going to have for our tea.  I think maybe Macaroni and cheese sounds tasty. Bye for now Joan.  (only 7 more sleeps)


jeanno43 said...

Glad you found your make-up bag.  I know what you mean, I have a favourite lipstick and eye stuff as well. Sorry about the dish washer.  But you are lucky to have one or will have one, we have absolutely no room, our kitchen is so small.

aniracj said...

Bet you are looking forward to your hols!! I know what it is like to lose a 'special' make up bag, so annoying when it is your favourites in it; glad you found it, I lost mine once and after searching high and low I found it eventually (2 days later!) in, of all places, the freezer!!!

sarajanesmiles said...

Mmm yes, macaroni and cheese sounds very yummy :o)
I'm glad you found your makeup bag, it's such a nuisance when you lose things like that isn't it.  It's not un replaceable stuff, but you miss it all the same.  I have a job keeping track of my hairbrush at the moment, as J has decided it's fun to play with!  
Sara   x