Sunday, 9 October 2005

Busy Day

Today has been a busy day trying to get everything packed and ready for a reasonably early start in the morning.  It will take us about 3-4 hours to get there depending if we stop off at Aviemore on the way. The Weather forecast is not very good for the week but we will just have to hope they are wrong as they usually are for us.  We have also been to the recycling skips this morning with our glass. Thats the only thing we have to take ourselves as we have bins for our paper and our garden waste. I think recycling is a very good thing the way things are going these days we seem to have a very angry planet with all the natural disasters we have had in the last few months, so if we can help in any small way I think it worth trying. Had another try with bookworm these last few days and we managed to get into the top 20 for the day on line scores even though our score was not as good as the one I told you about.  We lost a good score when our comprter crashed a couple of weeks ago and we had to reload all the games. We were lucky  we did not lose any important thing like our bird records which take ages to do although I have them written down the old fashioned way just to make sure we never lose our lists as we have been birdwatching for thirtyfive years and we would never be able to remember it all.  Well I had better go now and complete my packing Love.                          Joan.


aniracj said...

We have recycling here - 1 bin for bottles, 1 for paper and one large for cardboard and garden waste combined and then the usual ordinary rubbish one so outside our back doors we have a gallery of bins!!!!

jeanno43 said...

Our council at last started re-cycling here about five months ago, mind you the bags they provide for newspapers are ridiculous, so small so happy still ends up going to the bin behind our local library, but it is better than nothing.  Have a great trip.