Sunday, 2 October 2005

Something for nothing.

Going back to yesterdays subject I heared a good idea years ago somewhere can't remember where but it said if you bring in some of your bedding plants, in small pots you can get a few more weeks out of them.  A few weeks ago I had a very sorry looking Begonia (New Guinea Hybrid) they seem to be more tender up here in Scotland, so I brought it in and you should see it now it is absolutely super.  Yesterday when we were out I saw one of the Fushia's was still looking good and knew the first night we have a frost that will be the end of things so I repotted it and brought in hoping that it will last for a while in the cool vestibule where there is no heating but plenty of light.  So there you are plants for free.

    I was playing music on the computer and could not help to marvel at the wonderful show the grahics on the Windows Media Player was giving I would love to know how it works as I am not all that good at understanding computers but it was beautiful and I really enjoy watching whenever I pass the computer as I busy around the house.  Hope you all have a pleasant Sunday. Love Joan.


jeanno43 said...

I would bring mine in to get those few extra weeks out of them but I simply do not have the room with the houseplants I already have so mine are long gone and been replaced with pansies.  Strange, I opened the front door today and in the tub by the front door, every single pansy has been eaten back to just a stem and yet none of the other pots has been touched!
I love those wonderful patterns on music player as well but as I am not tech. minded, I cannot help on that.

sarajanesmiles said...

I like those patterns the media player too :o)
I downloaded one, that has a dancing snowman, my J really likes that one!
Sara   x