Thursday, 27 October 2005

Childhood Memories


                              Jeannette mentioned this morning writing about childhood memories.  I too was up in the night. I had had chocolate raisins last night I don't know what they put in them but my mind was whizzing.  I was thinking what I could write about other than my trials and tribulations of my electrical appliances .

     Halloween nowadays has become very big business the supermarkets and other shops are full of costumes and all the rest of the paraphanellia required.  Now don't get me wrong, wish we had had things like that.  Now thinking back to what we did and had, it went like this. First we carved out our lantern out of a Swede, no Pumpkins in our day.  We got ourselves dressed up similar to the picture above then off we went.  Don't know what you call it but up here in Scotland it was called guising, not trick or treat. We knocked at the door and when someone answered  we asked "Are you needing any guisers. " If the answer was yes in we went.  We then did a 'turn' a poem song or a joke we then were given a few coppers maybe sixpence or a shilling if we were very lucky.  We pooled all the money and at the end of the night we divided it up between us.  What great nights we had I remember. My parent did not like me doing this they thought is was begging but usually managed to persuade them to let me go.  As an only child they were very protective of me.  So that is one of my childhood memories I hold dear.

     Could I just say my new bagless vacuum cleaner actually picks up the dirt.  I doubt if I will be near this computer forthe rest of the day as Stu has just taken delivery of DVD-Rom Guide to British Bird which is a massive piece of kit it is 3GB so it will keep him busy for I don't know how long. Goodbye for now and have a good day.



jeanno43 said...

Fascinating, I did not know it was called "guising" in Scotland.  Well, we never had trick or treat at all. Never remember it as a child. I guess we started to get a few people do it when daughter was in her teens but it is still not a big thing, more an exucse to do damage and run riot.
Poor you, hubby has kicked you off the computer. Still, sounds like a very good programme about birds.

aniracj said...

Hi Joan, it is not the raisins that is the problem, it is the chocolate!! Whenever I eat choccy late in the evening I can have real problems sleeping....get off okay but then, ching....I am awake in the early hours for heaven knows how long!!!!

jeadie05 said...

Yes JEANNETTE HAS STARTED US THINKING ABOUT DAYS OF YORE !! Trick or treating wasnt encouraged when I was young.................Jan xx           ps your pic didnt come out

sarajanesmiles said...

Ooh, am reading my alerts backwards, so haven't read Jeannette's journal yet.  I enjoyed reading about your memories of halloween though m'dear :o)  We didn't have trick or treating at all when we were kids, but I do remember going to halloween parties, bobbing for apples and stuff like that.
I want your bagless hoover, lol ;o)
Sara   x