Saturday, 8 October 2005

Saturday Musings

Never got round to writing a journal yesterday don't know why maybe I did not have much to say or tell you.  Stu had his art class in the morning and is partaking in The Big Draw I will show you the result of that when it is finished it is looking good at the moment. The picture is done in a mediun he has not used before namely Pastel which he is really enjoying.  He will miss his class next week as we won't be back till Friday afternoon, I hope as one of my favourite programmes starts again next Friday (The West Wing).  Discovered this by accident as it is hidden away on a new channel which launches on Monday called More 4. 

Enjoyed the Eden Project last night but felt it could have been better,considering they spent a year filming . Would love to visit but the crowds put my off.

Don't know what we are doing today yet as it is a rainy morning. Bye for now.     

Only 2 more sleeps.


jeanno43 said...

No rain here just grey skies and a strong breeze.  That was one thing our daughter did not like about the Eden Project, the crowds.  Trouble is a place like that is going to be very popular. Oh and it gets very hot in there as well.

sarajanesmiles said...

I don't like places that are too crowded either.
Only two more sleeps, yay!!
Sara   x