Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Trials and tribulations




                                   Oh have I had a great Day I've had, thanks to Jeannette and my Hubby, I have now mastered writing my Journal in a Word Document and transferring it across to my Journal, I think this will make life a little bit easier in the future.

              I have written a long story (not to long) for Halloween and it will mean I will not have to write it all again. One thing I must thank journals for, is that I have learned more in the short time I have been writing a journal than in the eighteen months we have had the computer. I did not have any computer skills before we bought ours so I have had to learn the hard way (trial and error).

             Stuart has been busy again this morning putting up a blind in the study that will be, once we get it finished. Strange, we bought the blind at the week-end in B&Q and when Stuart went to put it up it did not have a lath (the weight along the bottom of the blind). Do you not get supplied with this component nowadays or what? Fortunately we had a spare curtain rod that fitted perfectly so we did not have to go all the way to Perth to complain.

            Later I'm going up to clear out the bottom of my cupboard where I keep my shoes and boy is there going to be a clearance there.  I am not able to wear high heels these days unless I am going out to a sitting occasion so as the saying goes if you don't use it or wear it for a year get rid of it

           It is nearly time for the computer to go back upstairs and I know in the beginning that I did  not like it down here but I have grown to prefer it as you can feel quite isolated if you are upstairs for a long time, but my lounge is not big enough to accommodate the computer and all the bits that go with it.  Well I will close now and hope all my testing this afternoon has not disturbed you too much. Love          




jeanno43 said...

Glad you got it mastered. Yes journals and journallers taught me a great deal as well.  Shoes, I am the same. Mine need to go. Like you I can no longer wear heels but kept all mine "just in case"  time to get rid.  Our computer is in the lounge and we often wished we could move it elsewhere (lack of room) but I would feel to isolated and alone. It is nice being where something is going on.


jeadie05 said...

We toyed with the idea of having the computer in the lounge but decided to keep it in the "study",Irather like the idea of no distractions ,good luck sorting out your shoes Imelda!!   Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Well done you :o)
I had used computers for years at work but never had one at home before this one, which I've had for around a year.  I had never been online before though!!  I have learnt so much, like you, through writing my journal.  Journals are good for so many things, lol ;o)  Glad you managed to fix the blind, despite the missing lath.  Keep lathing!!  Oh me, that is bad!
Sara   x

thefaircolleen said...

You learn something every day with a p.c Joan.My p.c is in the lounge too.