Wednesday, 19 October 2005

My Day

Good Evening J-land  been out all day today and when we got back Stuart bagged the computer with a new tutorial for Excel so I had to wait as I really get more time on here than he does.  Had a good day out and got my new whirly so if it is nice tomorrow I will be able to hang out the washing again.  Thats one of the things  I hate about the winter not getting the washing out.  It has been very mild up here today in fact all week but today was rainy and very misty if I had hair like a friend of ours I would have had curls but my hair is of the straight variety so the hair spray was out in force today.  Don't know what I've  done wrong to deserve all the bad luck just now you remember the fridge freezer, the dishwasher , the whirly and I lost my Mobile Phone clambering about the sand dunes last week so they say bad luck always comes in threes that's four so I hope thats the end of it.  Will try to replace the vanishing pictures tomorrow time permiting as we will have to get on with the decorating or refurbishment of the study if you want to be polite. So I will say goodnight for now and hope you all sleep well and take care.  Love




jeanno43 said...

Not the same drying clothes indoors despite conditioners and the things you put in tumble dryers. You cannot beat the smell of outdoors.  Hope your bad luck is over now.

jeadie05 said...

Hi Joan I know all about sharing a computer ,Iconsider it mine, but of course it isnt ,and obviously Maurice  needs to use it some times, and to think I resisted having one for so long !!        Jan xx  

aniracj said...

Well the sun is shining here so hopefully it is with you as well!!! I keep leaving my mobile in all sorts of strange places....shouldn't really as it is the limited edition Motorola RazrV3 and would cost a fortune to is insured but that is not the point is it, left it in the car on full view yesterday!!!