Saturday, 1 October 2005

Our Garden

Have been busy in the garden this morning getting the grass cut etc.  The photo above I thought was funny, there are two Woodpigeons on the bird table and really there is not room for one but they were crushing in it was very amusing. You will have to view larger to see it properly.  Its not a good shot as its a bit dark but I had to sneak up on them from the back door.  We had just come in for some home made soup when our Robin came down to see what was what he seems to be a real bossy boots this year.  Not planning to go out this afternoon as we are both suffering with backs and thighs after working in the garden. Only 9 more sleeps till we go away on holiday.  I thought I would not look forweard to holidays so much once we retired but we are still the same, looking forward to getting away.  I always think of this break as my special holiday as we are not self catering we are in an hotel so I don't have to cook or tidy up just go down to breakfast and then away for the day and then when we get back someone else has made the dinner -Magic.  Its been a nice day here the sun has been shining and it has been nice and warm for the start of October.   Will close now and hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Joan.


jeanno43 said...

Lol at your wood pigeons. We have two that come here and they do exactly the same and when the collared doves also try to get on we just sit and laugh as they knock each other off. We have more than one bird table but they all seem to want to use the same one!  You are lucky.  It is so chilly here we have had to put the heating on, sky is getting darker and darker, think rain is on the way. xx

sarajanesmiles said...

I like your wood pigeons :o)
I only have a small bird feeder thing, and I've forgotten to fill it for a couple of weeks.  Bad Sara.  Only 9 more sleeps to go until your holiday, yay!!  
Sara   x