Monday, 31 October 2005

                       A Ghost Story for Halloween.


In Scotland , among hill walkers there is a story of 'The Old man of The Mountains'. Many people hear him but none see him. Today for Halloween I am going to tell you a true story of 'The Old Man of the Mountain'.

The story begins many years ago a young couple were on a weekend camping trip to Glen Lyon with the girls parents.  They were very keen hill walkers and usually did this together but on this particular day the guy went to the mountain on has own. He was a very brisk walker and used to walk all his companions off their feet, maybe that is why he was on has own that day.

He set off at usual pace to climb the mountain nearest to the campsite, it was a lovely summer day with sunshine and he made good progress up the mountain, we are not talking Ben Nevis here, but around the 3000ft mark, just a stroll in the park for this guy. Up he went enjoying the beautiful scenery all the way. On reaching the top he had a few minutes rest in the afternoon sunshine. He then set off down the mountain but as he walked a bank of fog rolled in and it turned cold. As he continued he thought he heard someone behind him so he turned to look but there was nobody there. On he went again but he could still hear the footsteps behind him. For the five minutes he kept turning round as he kept hearing the footsteps very close behind him. This really started to get to the guy and he started to get the feeling of a presence as well. He kept turning round but could not see anyone there. he started to walk quicker and quicker. Now this guy was a seasoned hill walker, climbed many mountains and was not easily fazed but this was really getting to him. At last the fog was behind  him and the sun was out again so he thought all would be well. The footsteps were still there and seemed even closer. He was close to the foot of the mountain now but the presence and the footsteps were still there. At last he crossed the bridge over the River Lyon to the side the campsite and the road were on and he could see the people but the footsteps were still there . He kept on walking quickly towards the tents. He then saw his girlfriend walk out to meet him and as she approached  the footsteps stopped as quickly as they had started and the presence was gone.

I don't know if you have realised it or not but the guy in this story in my Stuart and it was me the walked out to meet hem and he stands by this story to this day and it must have happened 45 years ago. Talking about it today I could see that it still gives him the shivers even after all these years.




jeanno43 said...

Sent shivers down my spine. There can be nothing worse than hearing footsteps behind you!  I had a feeling it was going to be Stuart. Yes I can imagine he has never forgotten, an experience like that would stay with you always.  I wonder what it was.  Great story, thank you for sharing it with us today.

jeadie05 said...

Now that is spooky,and you never found a rational answer ,for the footsteps ,Ooer,excellent story I enjoyed that Joan.............Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan perhaps the footsteps behind him was some kind spirit making sure he kept to the right path, so he could get back to you safely....Thats a nice thought....I enjoyed your story though - Scary......Ally

sarajanesmiles said...

I had a feeling while reading that you were talking about your Stuart, it makes the story come alive when it happened to someone you know doesn't it!!  I wonder what it was, or who it was, and why they were following Stuart.  We will never know, ooh spooky!
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  I`m glad I read this story.  The penny didn`t drop quick enough for me to realise that you and Stuart were the young couple in question but... creepy for Stuart to experience that!  :o)

Sandra xxxx