Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Favourite things

     Butterflies are one of my favourite things.  Have been struggling to get pictures to share.  Everytime I get close they either fly off or shut their wings.  At the moment our garden is full of  of the beauties.  We have three Buddleis in the garden two of the normal lilac ones and the other one is yellow(I think you can see it in one or two of the pictures) its called Buddleia Weyeriana.  I bought this plant as a cutting while on holiday in Norfolk in a place called Holt a lovely little Georgian Town.  It is now standing about 12 feet high even though it is pruned down every spring to about 18".  The butterflies and bees absolutely love it so it is well worth its space in our garden.

     Got on well with the housework today as promised even did my own hoovering as my hooverer in chief still has a bad back.

     Went to visit Gemma's Journal and tried to encourage her to keep writing.  I get a lot of pleasure doing this journal even if somedays nobody reads it.   I like thinking during the day what am I going to write about today and try to make it interesting.

     Well I will close but before I go I have got two more favourite things tonight .  A fresh bed and a new book how good is that.

     In case anyone is interested the two butterflies in the pictures as Peacock and Red Admiral.    Goodnight all and God Bless          


sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful butterfly photo's :o)
I sometimes fall a little behind, but I always read my dear.
I feel the same about my journal, I love to think of things to write about.
Fresh bed and a new book, oh that sounds perfect, have a lovely evening!!
Sara   x

jeanno43 said...

Beautiful butterflies, we have had so few this year, I have really missed them. I guess our wet cold spring finished most of them.  It is hard sometimes to come up with things to write and I hope Gem stays but she must realise that not everyone can visit every journal every day, we would never get off here.

abatwingedangel said...

What beautiful pictures you've taken there Joan, I'll bet it was worth the wait to get such good ones! We have buddleias too although I couldn't tell you what kind they are and I can see why they're called butterfly bushes!
It's nice to look at things and remember getting them on holiday isn't it, I don't think I've ever been to Holt though I hear it is very nice.

aniracj said...

A butterfly got trapped in our living room the other day, on my voile curtains, I should have taken a photo but I was more concerned for it to get outside without too much stress so did the correct thing and freed it as quick as possible! That was a red admiral also, and oh so beautiful close up

theclaydens said...

Lovely pictures Joan.  It's the very simplest things that are beautiful and rewarding. Hope the book gets off to a good start!