Tuesday, 1 November 2005

The missing Pictures.


Good Evening, I  found this photpgraph  yesterday on a disc that we had downloaded in March from our PC when it had to go to the doctors with a virus.  I was delighted as this is in my opinion the best picture I have ever taken.This is Bishop Hill in Perthshire.  It was taken at this time of year but in 2004, the colours are much better on this than they art now. I think it is because we have still not had a frost and that always helps the colours.  I had just been given my Nikon Digi camera a few week before so I was and still am learning how to use it.

  Have hade a busy day today hanging new curtains in the lounge, we have a big north facing window its 10 ft wide and is from floor to ceiling. The curtains I had we have had for many many years,they were velvet and very cosy. I don't think the new ones will be as warm as we don't have double glazing, but we will see,  have kept the old ones just in case.  Well its off to the ironing basket for me and Holby on one of the English BBC channels as they keep changing the night of Holby in Scotland and this suit better as Stu watches the football tonight.  Hope you have all had a nice day and are having a pleasant evening. Love.



jeadie05 said...

That picture is beautiful Joan worth  finding again ,I know just what you mean about curtains not wanting to wear out ,the ones Ive just taken down are as good as new ,but weve changed the colour scheme so they had to go,Im hoping my Grandson can use them ,..............Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful picture Joan, I love the reflection in the water, it's almost like a mirror image isn't it, well done you :o)
We changed our curtains last year, from velvet ones to a lighter fabric.  I wasn't sure if I liked them at the time, but they've grown on me!
Sara   x