Sunday, 21 August 2005

The continuing saga of the fridge freezer

So off we went to the big city (Perth) to buy the new fridge freezer.   We fiound just what we were looking for bought paid it and all was well for a while..  When we got back I thought I would just check the measurement for hieght and low and behold it is too tall to go under the boiler.  I know it should not go there but there is no where else for it to go in the kitchen.  I could oput it upstairs in the spare room and run up and down which would be very good exercise but I might die of exhaustion.  So tomorrow its back up to Perth to get a smaller one bad because I really liked the one I choose.    Since we got back we have been playing bookworm we have had to stop as I am tired but up to now our score is 321000 and we have not set fire to the library yet so we will carry on tomorrow.   Bye the way the rain is lashing down now so we are playing for the lovely morning. PS it was not me that measured  the space I will let you guess who the culprit was. Night night all. God Bless.



jeanno43 said...

Well, I take it he got an ear bashing then.  What a bummer.  Still it would be best if you could not place it near the boiler, it will only have to work much harder and pack up sooner.  Sorry you have to face another trip tomorrow!

aniracj said...

Let me guess, it was not the man of the house by any chance???? I know someone just like that and he is not very far from me at this moment in time. bad news on the f/f, hope you can sort it......and no, under the boiler not a good place but as you say needs must when nowhere else available!