Monday, 29 August 2005

Out and About

     Summer has nearly returned today only for the wind.. It has been blowing very hard for the last few days but at least the sun is shining.

     We have been out walking in the countryside today.  Have taken some pictures to share with you it would have looked better if I had been able to put them in the middle of the script but I can't manage that so you will have to look at them at the top of the page.                

     We went to a place called Birnie and Gaddon Lochs.   These lochs were open to the public by Fife Council in 1995.   Believe it on not they were disused gravel works.  We think the council made a superb job of making them into a Nature Reserve.  We have been going there to walk for the last 10 years as there is footpath all the way round.  It is a lovely walk with losts to see and the birdwatching is very good especially in the wintertime when the ducks from Iceland and the north come in for the winter.  We also get a lot of Geese so it really is a great place.  It is only about 12  miles from home, we are so lucky to have this lovely place on our doorstep.On picture No 5 you will see a strange tower in the centre of the picture, the warden put this up to try to get Sand Martins to use it as a nesting colony but up until now it has not worked at all, but they have been sucessful in other places, we will just have to hope.

     Picture No 6 is a big reedbed that has been greated.  At the moment the Bullrushes are looking so beautiful I would have loved some for a vase.  You can just about make out the brown tops in the picture.  Sorry to keep rabbiting on about this place but it has always been special to us.  Hubby has had two heart attacks and when he was back on his feet this is where we always came to walk.

     To close is'nt it amazing just what can be done with hard work and same cash.   Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Bye Bye.




jeanno43 said...

Loved the pictures, especially the ducks!! lol.  Seriously I have always been a lover of ducks.  They are creating open spaces around here to attract wildlife but alas we have no reed beds which would be great.  Putting pictures in between text is easy, let me know if you want to know how and I will help you.

abatwingedangel said...

Hello :)
I have come a-visiting from the link in Sara's journal. What beautiful countryside you have around you! The photographs are stunning, thanks for sharing. My husband is from Fife but I haven't been up that way as yet.
I'm really liking your journal and will be back soon.
Take care Joan. :)

sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful photo's Joan, hard to believe that that place used to be a gravel works!!  What a difference hard work and cash makes, indeed!!
Sara   x