Thursday, 4 August 2005

Good Morning

Good Morning, and early entry today I just cannot get back to sleep. I have been wakened since about 5o'clock and just could no fall over again so in the end I just had to get up,so here I am armed with a coffee making an early start to the day.It is a beautiful day the sun is up and it look promising for the next hour or so I say that because the weather here can change very quickly. We have been very lucky up here in Scotland as we have had a wonderful summer so far thouch wood.  The beeding plants like Petunia and Busy Lizzies have had a real chance to show off as they have not been ruined with days of rain.   Don't want to put anyone off coming up here as I live in the most lovely country if you can just catch the weather right it can be out of this world.   We had a week in March this year in the North West Highlands.  Will try to share some pictures later of this holiday with you but as I am new to this my brain is not in the right gear yet so as they say in the movies "I'll be back"  J.

Managed to get the pictures I took inserted now as I am a bit brighter now. Washing is done but not out and I have been for a 20 minute brisk walk. In case you think I'm mad saying I was up at the crack of dawn I did start this entry at 7 15 am. The pictures are all taken in the Ullapool area and the hotel is where we stayed that me in the doorway thats as much of me that I will show you till I get this weight of which may take a while.




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