Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Rainy Day Tuesday.

Good evening J-land, we managed to get the fridge freezer sorted out yesterday and hubby took the blame, I did offer to shoulder the blame being such a nice person but he would not hear of  it.  By the time we got back it was well into the afternoon.  We got the grass done as the forecast is not good for the next couple of days.  That done we spent a couple of hours with The Bookworm and finished the game we had started on Sunday our final score was 553,9130  how do they manage these scores on the high score board they can do millions.

     Today has not been very nice.  I hope thats not the start of autumn as it can come early up here.  The weatherman is forecasting a storm for tomorrow with gales so we will have to baton down the hatches tonight incase he's right.

    I have put in a couple more of the photos I took on Saturday at the garden center. Sorry you have to look at me again but I liked the background in the picture.

     Hope you are all well and hope I have more to say tomorrow. Goodnight and God Bless .



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aniracj said...

How do you manage that score!!!! my library catches fire around the 210 - 215,000!!! You must both be super clever!!!! Probably cos I am overtired when I play!