Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Thought it was Tuesday.

Evening J-land, not a lot ot say today but once I start you never know.  Had to take the car in to see about a wee repair.  Hubbys beloved car got a scriff in a multistory carpark and it really upset him.  He even had chest pains last week when he did it but is much better now he has been to see about it.  It goes away on the 8th of next month (Picture of car at top of entry).  Have not worked out how to put pictures in the middle of the entry yet but will keep trying.    Have been also trying hard to get my bookworm game to play but thats not working right either so you can see why I'm FLUSTRATED.  Still waiting for that email I mentioned last night.   This is my favourite evening for the telly as I love watching Murder One and Desperate Housewives missed the latter first time round. Think thats all I have for you tonight so bye  bye for now. Love


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aniracj said...

I'm still mastering the putting pics in the middle bit as well. My hubby a Scot, slightly anglisised but still holds Scotland very close to his heart!! Have put you on my faves, thanks for your comment on Joans must stick together!!!