Saturday, 20 August 2005

Firday Part 2

Friday went well we managed to get the house all spick and span and all the rest of the chores done except the cutting of the grass as by the time we got all the house done hubby's back was bad as he has been skipping too.(see earlier in the week)   

     My bookworm game is up and running at last what a great way to pass a hour or six its quit adictive, you know what they say use it or lose it .Maybe thats the reason I did not get Friday part 2 done on Friday.   Beautful morning here  again don't know what we will be up to today just wait and see what happens after breakfast. Have a nice day.





aniracj said...

Bookworm is sooooo addictive, I play online (max so far 208,750) and have just downloaded and purchased for p.c.!! Once I start tho I find it hard to stop!!!!!

jeanno43 said...

I love Bookworm, have had it for about two years now.  Mind you I am also addicted to Pogo where you can play wordwhomp and Tumble bees which is another word game. So much to keep me sitting here when I should be doing other things lol