Tuesday, 9 August 2005

The Rain in Helsinki

     Have been watching the World Championship Athletics today well all week really but today the rain came on about 5ish and boy did it rain its still on yet so I have come up to write my journal.  We have had very little rain here for weeks and we are having to water the garden everyday which is very unusual up here in Scotland . 

      A couple of months ago I treated myself to a mini greenhouse you know the type tubular frame with a poly cover.   I have had the most wonderful results with it.  I have brought on seeds for Poppies and Foxgloves for next summer and they are now ready to go in the ground.   I have also planted seeds for winter Pansies so I should have a really good show God willing and the winter does not get too cold.

     I have been reading in other journals about you all going on holiday.  Mine is distant memory .  We were away for 3 week in May Birdwatching.  We were in North Norfolk for 2 weeks and then had a unplanned week in Suffolk so we could visit Minsmear it was a great holiday but not all that warm but it stayed dry which is the best thing when birding.


You can just see my wee greenhouse at the botton of our garden in the picture.

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sarajanesmiles said...

I can see your wee greenhouse :o)
I like going away in May, I'm not much of a sun worshipper, so the weather suits me better early in the year.  It's also ALOT quieter then!  Have to go in the school hols now though.
Sara   x