Thursday, 4 August 2005

Supermarket Shopping

Relaxing now after a busy day.  Thusday is our normal weekly shopping day when it is not so busy as it is at the weekend, you can even get a coffee when you feel inclined.   The amount of messages (as we call them up  here in Scotland) is absolutely rediculous you would think we were of big family instead of two people no wonder I have put on all this weight since I stopped work and stopped smoking.  I am really giong to have to do something about this problem soon.  My main excuse is that I have had this bad ankle for the last month or so and if I walk a lot one day I  can't walk again for the next few days it is a nuisance.  I have tried sport supports and the likes but they don't seem to do much good.  The music I am playing tonight is really lovely its one of the relaxing Classic FM CDs we have now moved on to Chopin Piano Concerto No1 I could just about nod off.Goodnight all.



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