Sunday, 14 August 2005

Great Joy for Paula

Well Done Paula.   So glad to see Paulea Radcliff winning the gold medal for The Marathon it was very well deserved.(Sorry about the picure I took it the tele)

Glad the World Championship Athletics close tonight as I am needing to get on with some house work and gardening.  Still I've really enjoyed this week. Next big event the Winter Olyimpics in February.Thats a thought we will be nearly through the winter which can't be bad.

Thinking ahead,better get started soon on the address labels for my Christmas Cards as it takes me ages to do.  I have been doing them for the last 2 years ever since we got the computer Git makes such a clear job. Going to watch the last event now the 4X4 400 meters for men here's hoping.  Goodnight all .



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