Sunday, 21 August 2005

Not such a nice day out

Well the fridge part of my fridge freezer has finally died temp this morning 52f. so we are off out to look for a new one how wonderful as it is such a lovely day and Icould be sitting with my book in the garden.  Hope you have a better day than I am going to have. Love.



jeanno43 said...

Well, I will not be able to sit with a book in the garden either, far too chilly and overcast for that.  I shall be cleaning the bathroom!!!!  Hope you find what you are looking for quickly so that you can enjoy the rest of the day.

aniracj said...

good luck on your quesr, hope you find a nice one!

bonnettdawn said...

Hello Joan, shopping for white goods is never as good as buying things for pleasure and I always find that once one kitchen applience goes then another follows! I hope this isnt the case for you. The gardens you visited recently look lovely, i have recently 'found' my garden and like nothing better than looking after it, Im a bit of a novice but find it extremely relaxing. Thank you for your message! things are a lot better today and I feel far more relaxed after a good nights sleep. I attend a spiritulist church on Sundays which I really enjoy so Im off to that shortly. after I let my vent out in my journal on Saturday I felt so much better but a little guilty thinking all those bad thoughts! What books have you been reading, I like historical fiction at the moment but in truth get very little time to read. take care Dawn