Monday, 8 August 2005

Visit to Home Town

Had an appointment at hospital today about my ears which don't  work too well. But they were better today than the last time.  This trip entailed a visit to my home town which is now about 40 miles away and I don't visit there very much now.  Dundee used to be a nice place but now I don't know it seems to have lost all its character.    After my appointment we took a trip into the city which we have not visited for about 5 years.  We walked along the main streets but it was so busy and so changed we did not seem to fit in at all although we were both born there and lived there for over 30 years it shows you cannot go back.  We did enjoy a stop at Riverside  Drive which overlooks the river and I took some  pictures which I will put up if they are any good.   Well will have to go and make some dinner it has been a funny old day and left me feeling sad and a bit lonely as we did not meet one person we new.    LOL




















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sarajanesmiles said...

I'm sorry your trip made you feel sad, it is sad when you feel almost part of a place, then it changes and you feel out of place there.  I'm glad your ears were a little better though :o)
Sara   x