Wednesday, 10 August 2005


Just a quick entry tonight as hubby is not too well and don't want to leave him too long on his own as I have to come upstairs to do this  and with my hearing being so bad even with my aids I don't want to miss him if he calls.  Hubby has a heart condition and has had a triple bypass.  He usually keeps well but he still gets an odd off day and today is one on them.  It has been so hot today up here 24degrees which is very hot for us. better than it is in Helsinki. Well will go now goodnight all.

ps Sara. People using nail clippers even on the telly  and long nails sliding down glass. 

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sarajanesmiles said...

Goodnight my dear, have a nice evening.
I hope your hubby feels better soon.
Lol at the nails on glass thing, I hate nails on paper, can't even type that without having a shiver!  My hubby doesn't like nail clippers either!
Sara   x