Friday, 19 August 2005

Up with the Larks.

Good Morning J-Land,  up early today,for me today as a retired oldy.Don't usually stir until about 8 but did not have a good night,had a busy brain that would not go to sleep and when it did it would not stay asleep.  Never mind feel good this morning so it does not matter a great deal.   Its a beautiful morning up here in Perthshire there is not a cloud in the sky but it does feel a bit nippy, my wee weather station says its only 10C outside, hope it gets bit warmer than that a bit later.   Have been planning a busy day while I was in bed with a lot of housework and I'll do a big washing if the weather stays nice (well the machine will).  Looks like we are going to have to buy a new Fridge Freezer.  I bought a fridge thermometer yesterday as I had suspected the fridge was not cooling enough and it does not look very promising this with the temperature is it reading this morning (quick slurp of  coffee).  When we were doing the weekly shop we picked up the new Argos Catalogue what a weight what are they trying to do to us, hubbys arm was about broken by the time we got back to the carpark as we have a bit of a walk back to the car.  We left it until last but even then it was very heavy as you will find out when you get yours. Its  after 8 o'clock now so I had better go and have my shower,hope to get back with Friday part 2 later so Bye Bye for now and Have a nice Day.       Love



jeanno43 said...

Well, we woke to pouring rain, it has stopped now but it is very grey and overcast so there could be more. Hubby has put his cardi on because he felt cold.  Yesterday it was 90 degrees and we were sweltering in the sun!!!! I have always said if you can live in the British Isles, you can live anywhere lol.  Becky finds it better of course being so heavily pregnant and......... we do not have to water the garden.  Yippee!

aniracj said...

If you get fed up with the Argos catalogue cluttering up the place use it for standing on to reach some shelves like I do sometimes, it is too big now!