Friday, 26 August 2005

Wasting Time?

I always think if I am playing a game on my computer or on my PS1 I am really wasting time and I always feel guilty a woman of 62 playing games but I do enjoy it so.  Today I don't feel so bad now after reading this small piece in the Express I quote

  " Loose yourself for half an hour.

   Play a computer game.

   Whether you have hit a mid-afternoon slump at work or are stuck for something to do on a Sunday playing a computer game can help you to relax and focus your mind.  Research has shown that video games contribute to improved eye-hand coordination and reaction time."

  So J-land no need to feel guilty any more.  Hope this will help anyone who thinks the same as I do.

 Thought I would log this piece tonight as I could not think of very much to say today.   Goodnight and God Bless. 





aniracj said...

I play Mahjong regularly, also bookworm, ricochet and ricochet lost worlds, ...the list goes on. helps me big time and why not!!!!

jeanno43 said...

Well, they say if you keep your mind active it really makes a difference.  I play Bookworm, Tumblebees, Tri-Peaks Solitaire, ordinary Solitaire, Jigsaw Detective and Blackjack to name but my favourites.  I also do the crossword in the newspaper alone with word search and Codebreaker.  How do I find time for any housework?

sarajanesmiles said...

I'm addicted to my PS2!!!
I love Final Fantasy games, Ratchet and Clank and many others.  Also have PC games, The Sims 2 being my favourite at the mo, and of course Bookworm :o)  I had a mean older Brother, who wouldn't let me play with his games console, and I never had one of my own.  So, I'm doing it all now instead, and having lots of fun!!  Housework?  Hmph ;o)
Sara   x