Monday, 1 August 2005

Monday Monday.

Monday again, they come round so fast these days.  Busy day today.  Hubby was putting up a new blind for us in the bathroom so it was major disruption but it looks really good now especially as I gave the bathroom a good clean as well.  I hate doing the bathroom as it really hurts my back.   After lunch the sun came out and I sat outside while the head gardener (hubby again) cut the grass etc.  Later just before we came in I watered the garden.  While doing this I knocked over the birds water dish if you could have seen the looks we got when we did not fill it up again quickly enough.  The pictures I have posted were taken on the first practice day at The Open Golf at St Andrews the gentleman in the picture is (answers on a postcard) ?.  We had a great day there the weather as you can see was exceptional for this part of the country.  Well the ironing is calling me downstairs so I will close now.







jeanno43 said...

O.K. the link worked and I have you now. Welcome to J-Land, I shall enjoy reading your entries.  I have put you on alerts now so that I do not miss one.  Looking forward to getting to know you better.

sarajanesmiles said...

I get those looks too, when I don't fill the bird feeder quickly enough!!  Lol :o)
Sara   x