Saturday, 13 August 2005

Lazy Day

Had a lovely day today just doing nothing in particular it was really great.   We did not go out today as it was raining this morning which was great  sounds daft but it was good  for the garden.   Sat and read all the newspapers with a coffee and listened to Prime Time radio which is our favourite as it plays all the tunes that were popular when we were young  ie:-the Everly Brothers Nat King Cole The Beetles Rod Stewart etc its a great station but only available on Digital Radio. We pick it up on Sky which is great as we don't have a digi radio.

      Had a walk round the garden later in the day to see how some of the plants I grew from seed were doing after I had planted them out.   I transplanted some Poppies and some Foxgloves for next summer.  Also managed to get my winter Pansies pricked out.  I recon I must have got about 65 plant out of one packet of seed, so I was very pleased with the results.Its great to have time to do that sort of thing as I neever had time when I was working Oh the joys of retirement.   Well will close now as its time I handed over this computer to my better half.  Goodnight all.



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