Thursday, 25 August 2005

Second try. Todays the day.

Why is it when you lose your entry and come to write it again its not the same I was really pleased with what I had written 5 minutes ago but when I pressed save  nothing happened and I fell off the net.So to start again the new fridge freezer is coming today (I hope).  What a week its been trying to use up food out of the freezer so my neigbour will have room for the remains and trying to use up the food out of the fridge before it goes off.   Found Long Life milk a great boon this week and its not so bad.  Have not used it for many years, but used to use it when we went camping and caravaning it was handy then.  Just thinking does anyone remember the dreaded the sterilized milk.  It was a pinky colour and came in a glass bottle and was disgusting, I'm talking way back in the 50s.  

   Have not been out and about much this week as hubby has done something to his back and is at the doctors as I write.  I think it must have been the skipping.  I am the one that has had a bad back for years it it has not affected me one bit.   Thats hubby back from the doctors and he has trapped two nerves in his back so the skipping is off for him.   By the way I was telling him that I had lost my entry and he said the Doctor was saying his computer is a nightmare this morning to I am not alone.   Think I will print this off before I save it just in case.   

     Am  expecting delivery between 8am and 6pm so we will be stuck in for the day I suppose.  Will have time to read your journals and maybe play Bookworm as we are in the middle of a game.  Wll let you know how the day pans out.  Bye Bye ,



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