Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Second Try

Hi all, this is the second time I have made this entry I lost it somehow th first time.  I think its one of those days I have been trying to get The Bookworm game to play as I have  just bought it but am having no success so I am now waiting on  an email to help me.    I have tried and so has my hubby but to no avail. My online dictionary has gone  down too so I am having a great day one way or another.  Changing the subject I have taken to a skipping rope to try to help me lose some weight.  I do go walking a lot but it does not get my heart rate up enough so hence the skipping rope.   Speaking of skipping ropes I never see wee girls out with a rope these days.   Our schools went back today after the summer holidays so all is quiet again, lovely. When I was wee we were never still for the school holidays of course we did not have computers or computer games or maybe I would have been inside playing as well.  Listening to Prime time radio again they have just been playing 'Why must I Be A Teenager In Love' have not heard that one for a long time but I still remember all the words.  Well enough of that or the tears will be fusing the keyboard.  Goodnight all hope this downloads this time of I will give up.  Goodnight again and God Bless.


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jeanno43 said...

Well, second time lucky.  I just do not know what is up with aol these days.  You are right about playing outside when young, I was outside all the time.  Mind you times have changed, it is a far more dangerous world with muggings and attacks. Lots of youngsters are afraid to be outside.  I listen to Prime Time radio as well, brings back lots of memories.