Sunday, 28 August 2005

Rainy Sunday.

Good Morning J-Land, not that there is anything good about this one up here this morning it is pouring rain.  It always seem to be the same when there is a big event on the weather turns  bad.  The Bowmore Horse Trials are on today at Blair Athol Castle which is beautiful spot right in the mountains but you really need a good day as the weather can close in real bad.   My next door neighbours were setting off to go this morning so I hope they have got their waterproofs and wellies with them.  

    Have not been out much and it does not look like we will be going far today as hubby's back is still very bad   so, that give us a fine excuse to get on with Bookworm and Luxor.  Will have   to start a new Bookworm today as we were burned down last night.  Will go now and get dressed etc speak to you later Bye bye .





jeanno43 said...

The weather is the opposite here, after several wet and gloomy days we have bright sunshine and it is hot!!! You really do not know where you are with the weather these days. However, we are not doing anything either.  Enjoy bookworm.

aniracj said...

Oh how I love blair Athol, so white and impressive agains the countryside.....not far from my favourite waterfall at Bruar either!!!

sarajanesmiles said...

Isn't it horrible when those red tiles reach the bottom, and there's nothing you can do to stop them!!  I do wish there were words like zeieieiau at times like that!!
Sara   x

theclaydens said...

Joan, I have only been to Scotland twice (to the same place) but know Blair Athol from our visits.  We stayed in Drumnadrochit (sorry about the spelling) at Polmailley House Hotel.  We took the sleeper train from Euston London - what an adventure.  I can honestly say I don't think I have ever seen scenery like it. A truly beautiful place. I hope I come back.