Saturday, 6 August 2005

Lazy Saturday.

Today must have been my lucky day on an outing to my local Garden Centre for morning coffee I got the most wonderful bargain I bought two lovely plant filled pots large reduced from £14-99 to £2-50 each.  One of the plants was very dead and another one was feeling a bit sorry for itself but after a good drink and a bit of TLC its looking great the other plants in the plot we ok just needing a drink.  This has really made my day as nothing cheers me up more than a bargain.    Sat out for a while in the sunshine this afternoon with my book still on Jeffrey Archer but getting on well with it although I don't think its up to his usual standards its called Sons of Fortune by the way. Have been watching a bit of the Athletic World Championships today I like most sports but not football or boxing. Am going down to watch Paula Radcliff in a short while I hope she does well.  So I hope you all have a pleasant Saturday evening, mine will be watching the telly but I'm old so if you are going out have a great night.  LOL Joan. 

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sarajanesmiles said...

I love a bargain too :o)
And I'm spending the evening watching TV and catching up on journals!
Sara   x