Thursday, 11 August 2005

Thursday' goings on.

     Good Evening,  Glad to report hubby is a lot better today thank God.  Thats the way it is with his heart problem down one day then ok the next so I am feeling a lot more upbeat tonight.                                                                                                      I thought I was not very good on the computer but a funny thing happened yesterday,a few days ago I sent some photos by email of my granddaughter to her Mum and Dad.   Yesterday I reoeived an email back saying enclosed are some photos for you and back came the pictures I sent along with the email I had sent.     My daughter in law I thought was a wizz on the old computer going to phone in a while to see what happened.  Hubby as an art workshop tomorrow so no doubt I will receive yet another masterpiece.   Don't know what the subject will be but will report back. So will say goodnight and have a pleasant evening.








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sarajanesmiles said...

I'm glad your hubby feels better today Joan.
That sounds like the kind of thing I would do, send someone photo's they had already sent me!  Lol!
Have a good evening my dear :o)
Sara   x