Friday, 4 November 2005


Good Morning, I just can't beleive it is Friday again. The time is just whizzing by just now I wish I could put the brakes on to slow thing down a bit.  I can't beleive that it 11 months today since I retired I must say I have enjoyed every moment of it.  It is a much better day today nearly bright and not raining and still very mild.  Stuart's off doing his Art as usual. He did a lovely painting yesterday afternoon of some sail boats we had taken a picture of during the summer and it has turned out super.  If Santa brings me a Scanner, have still to send my letter about that, I will try to let you see some of his work.  I was telling you last week that his work was being asessed for an exibition but forgot to tell you he had seven painting selected to put in.. We have now taken out a bank loan to get them framed HA HA, for showing.  Hope it goes well for him .  When I was lying in bed last night a bit hot and bothered as usual I thought of a great entry for today but you are never going to read it as I have forgotten what it was going to be about. Silly me I should have gotten up and written something down on paper like all us great authors do lol.  Well I had better go now thats Stuart back.  Love Joan

Just popped back to say by the time I had written the above the rain is on again.  J.                        


ally123130585918 said...

Joan - how lovely for Stuart to have seven pictures selected....Can't wait to see them - hope Santa brings you a scanner...I heard somewhere that a composer used to get ideas for songs during the night and would get up and compose a whole concerto - in a hour or so, So yes when you get your next idea - leap out of bed and write it down - thats what us good writers do LOL.....Ally

jeadie05 said...

Well done Stuart ,seven paintings wow WELL DONE ,Yes we must all keep pen and paper by our bed by the sink by the loo by the way ,your doing O K ,...........please Santa can Joan have a scanner .........Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Seven paintings selected, that's fantastic!  Stuart must be thrilled :o)  I hope that Santa does bring you a scanner, I would love to see some of his work.  Framing is very expensive isn't it, I always have to save up when I'm having an embroidery framed.  Shame about that forgotten great entry, I'm sure it really would have been great, but then this one isn't half bad either ;o)
Sara   x