Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Out and About.

Good Afternoon, Lovely day here and we have been out and about.  We have been away to  a neighbouring village to collect Stusrts framed pictures for the art exibition. They look absolutly fabulous what a difference a good frame and mounts make.  We have taken picture of them but it is very difficuly if we take them in the house the flash goes off and we get a reflection. Today we wnt outsind but the sun was very strong and I don't think they will be any good. I have not had time to download the camera yet so I will see what they are like and post them as soon as I can.  Will have to go now as Stuart has had a pain in his chest again this afternoon after he went out for a walk in the cold.  I did not go with him as I was hoovering etc and when he goes out alone he walks too quickly, when I am with him he walks just a tad slower, yuou see he still walks lide he did when the Old Man of the Mountain tailed him (See Halloween for story) I don't think he ever will slow down. So i will say bye for now and take care.  Love Joan.           This entry was written a 4 pm.


aniracj said...

You have saved my friend, so have I, LOL!!!

jeadie05 said...

Hi JOAN Your saved ...love Jan xx