Tuesday, 8 November 2005

The New Dishwasher.

Good Afternoon J-Land, Not in the best of moods today.  Today was the day my new dishwaser was going to be delivered. Oh how I was looking forward to this.  I never thought I would miss this appliance so much but that is about 5 weeks I have done without so last Monday we bought a new one.  Today was delivery  day. Stuart and I were up at 7-30am early for us nowadays showered and downstairs ready by 8am.  8-40 the lorry arrives. In came one chap and disconnected the old one and wheeled in the new one. OH OH  four big dents in one side and something else wrong in front that he pointed out so back it went onto the lorry. "Sorry about this we will get you a new one delivered asap.". Comet were supposed to phone us back later but Stuart eventually had to phone them as we had not heard from them.  Next new dishwasher coming on Friday fingers crossed. 

Re the Buddlia we took out yesterday we have pruned it down every spring to about 8" but it grows so fast.  There is a purple one next to it but it does not flower for so long the yellow one was still in flower so if you have a big garden  the yellow one is great and I do have the name of it if anyone is interested.  By the way the rain is back today.

Bye for now,                      


jeanno43 said...

So sorry about the dishwasher, that is why I use Mike lol. Hope the new one meets the standard. Yes, I would like the name of that Buddlei please, hope I can get one.


ally123130585918 said...

Joan what a disappointment with the Dishwasher.....Why I wonder are Comet waiting till Friday to deliver.....surely they could have managed to do it before then......did you really expect them to call back...they never seem to do this - I think they hope you will forget about them...I hate Bad customer service they take your money quick enough....Been in this position too many times...with damaged goods being delivered....Do I sound upset...SORRY..know how you must have felt....Ally

jeadie05 said...

What a waste of getting up early now you have to do it all again,on Friday ,I havent really got room for a dish washer,Ihate washing up nearly as much as ironing ,but somehow it gets done .................Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Oh you must have been so dissapointed, I know I would have been.  I would have been saving up my dishes to go in it too ;o)  Hope the new one comes on Friday with no problems.  
Sara   x

aniracj said...

Joan, 5 weeks is a short time....try 3 years! I had one at my old house...full size cos there was 4 of us......we moved here and bought it with us but had to return it due to a solicitors foul up (along with my washing machine and dryer) might tell that tale in my journal tonight! Managed to get new washer and dryer but could not afford a dishwasher till January just gone....I had not realised how I cherished my old one......oh the joys of a dishwasher, we only have a slimline one now but it is plenty big enough for the two of us....as long as my wok fits in it I'm happy!!!

jmoqueen said...

ugh rain just for a change huh?  LOL........that's a nightmare about your dishwasher - hope you manage without one for a while!!