Thursday, 17 November 2005

Thursday is it really?


Goodmorning, I don't know where the morning went I have just said goodmorning but I looked at the clock and it is 12-20pm so I should have said good afternoon.  Been a busy morning with phone calls which are not that easy for me with my hearing I have a special phone but it is in the kitchen and I have been upstairs most of the morning so when it rings I have to belt downstairs before the ansering machine takes over. I have been lazy lately and did not know how to work it as we have not had this one very long well about 6 months ok with the phone but the ansering machine is attacted this time and it is not so easy ss the last one which was a seperate unit.  My that was a long story about nothing, sorry. Stuart has made it to Dundee this morning for his scan. He phoned me from there and it has been done and he is waiting for tranport back. He sounded really fed up today perhaps it was being taken to Dundee in a freezing cold Ambulance.  I will be going up to Perth to see him as soon as he gets back.  It a beautiful day here wall to wall sunshine but the white frost is still lying on the ground even at this time. Hope all this carry on with the journals has settled down now there is nothing more annoying than writing your entry and then loosing it as you never get it the same the second time and by the third you just give up I could have done without the hassle this week of all weeks but so could you no doubt. Well I will love you and leave you and go and have some lunch a toasty I think. Love and take care.






jeadie05 said...

Ican well imagine how fed up Stuart is with the travelling ,in the ambulance and the waiting around ,bothing is urgent any more is it ,keep your chin up kid ,with love ..............Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

Yes, a very cold and frosty morning we had here as well. The sun is shining but it has not warmed up at all.  Still, it really is at it should be this time of the year.  Hope Stuart is home soon back in the warm.

jmoqueen said...

Poor ol' Stuart having to ride in the ambulance - why couldn't they have made him comfortable in a nice car with heating??  Clearly don't think about their patiences.  I liked your phone story LOL