Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Tuesday's Musings.





Good evening thought the graphic was very cheerful for such a foggy day.  It was very foggy this morning and very cold but it did clear up a lunchtime and we had a lovely afternoon, not that I saw much of it. I now remember when it is too late why I gave up knitting my shoulder is killing me.  I used to knit a great deal but this pain started in my shoulder and down the centre of my back and I had to give it up many years ago. Every now and again I try to see if it maybe won't start up again.  I knitted one scarf for Stu which was in garter stitch and all was well I then started to knit one in stocking stitch and the pain started up again could it be the purl row that is causing it. I don't know, I t has been bad today and I took to my bed this afternoon for a while with a hot water bottle it seems a bit better now but no knitting for me just now.  Football for Stuart tonight and the kitchen and Holby for me. Better not complain after 3 episodes of Coronation Street last night I like the program but thought that was a bit unnecessary.

                Listening to the weather forecast I think we had better get out to the shed and get our snow shovel out before the end of the week. It works a treat and comes in handy. Love doing the paths round the house must be the kid still there. Well time to go and I hope you all enjoy your evening. Love






ally123130585918 said...

Loved your graphic Joan very colourful....I've heard about this pain caused by knitting, am told it can be very painful....It got to hurt my little finger, (Only my little finger) but it was so painful had to give up the needles...So bought a knitting machine - can knit a jumber in an evening, not the same though...Not the pleasure of saying I knitted this...because the machine did...lol....Hope Stu is still making good progress...and is fighting fit.....Have a lovely evening and take care...Ally

jeanno43 said...

I gave up knitting and rugmaking for the same reason.  However, I have gone back to both and find that if I only sit for an hour or so at a time doing it, then have a break and move my shoulders and head, I can pick up for another hour or so later.  It is a bind of ageing I think.  I used to knit endless sweaters for everyone and I would knit sometimes for eight hours at a stretch if someone wanted something quickly. I can never do that again.


sarajanesmiles said...

That is a cheerful little graphic :o)
Hope your shoulder is feeling better my dear, I remember my Mum once knitting herself into having tennis elbow!!  It's all the repetative small movements isn't it.  We've been promised snow sometime in the next few days, I do hope we get at least a little!!
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder :-(  Hope it's better now. xx