Monday, 28 November 2005

Monday outing.


Good Afternoon, we have been out all day today walking and bird watching and must say I have never been so cold in my life. The weather is beautiful but and a big but the wind which is not that strong is absolutely bitterly cold. We went to the reserve I told you about that was made from gravel pits and had a good walk but one part of the walk is over high ground and it was there that I thought I was going to freeze to death well that a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean. Here are some of the pictures taken today.

This part of the Loch was frozen.

This Mute Swan was so close he was a real poser.

This is looking away to the west towards Stirling you can just see the snow that is left.

Well I think that all for today hope you enjoyed the pictures. By the way I have blinds up at the big window. I think I am missing my old pink velvet curtains they were so cosy.  (They are in the loft) Bye for now and have a good evening and keep warm. Love


ally123130585918 said...

Joan love your graphic...and the pictures are great, did you see any interesting birds ?...Love the Swan.....Ally

jeanno43 said...

Such wonderful pictures, you live in such a beautiful and scenic part of the U.K.  I always feel so sorry for the birds in this weather although we have lots of feeders, we cannot do them all.  That swan looked like he was hoping you had brought some bread for him.  Love the little graphic.

jeadie05 said...

Lovely pictures dear ,Ibet you felt warm and glowing when you came in again ,are you going to reinstate your velvet curtains for the winter ..........Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

I can see the pink curtains going back up before Christmas ;o)
Love all of the photo's today Joan, particularly the one with towards Stirling, with the snow, how beautiful!
Bet you had rosy cheeks after that walk!!
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

I think you should get those curtains back they do sound very cosy :-)  Loved the pics thanks for going very cold to take the pics xx