Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Visit To The Docs.

Today as I said earlier I was going to the doctors for my flu jag. I sat in the surgery for 45mins we had all been told to come at the same time and there was only one nurse on duty. If I had known I would have taken a flask of coffee.  Once I had my jag I then had to sit for a further 15 minutes to make sure there were no ill effects. Now I know doctors surgeries are busy places but I am sure I could think of better method than this to do simple injections. Sorry about the rant but I was very angry. The old lady next to me had to go home without because there would not have been another bus for another hour and she could not wait that long.  After I got home whither it was my temper or not I do not know but I have never felt so down in the dumps in my life so I took myself off to bed for a nap and that seems to have done the trick don't know what caused it and I don't suppose I ever will. 

This is one of my favourite nights on the telly. Holby is on then I have found an old Taggart with the original cast on ITV3 or 4 at 9pm so we are going to give that a watch. Well I'll leave it there for today and say goodnight. Love


jeanno43 said...

Never heard of that, having to sit for fifteen minutes in case there were any ill effects????!!! Is there any particular reason. At our surgery they just throw you straight out when you have had it.  Enjoy your t.v.


ally123130585918 said...

Picture is lovely - you didn't say who painted it ?   That was a long wait you had at the Drs. surgery felt sorry for the old lady who could't wait for hers....do you good sometimes to have a good old rant, ......glad the nap made you feel better........Enjoy your television tonight ...Ally

jeadie05 said...

Lovely picture , yes we would encourage the residents to sit awhile after the flu jabs ,when they had them done en mass,in the communal lounge at the court .I have to admit I went for a little ziz myself this afternoon.... Jan xx

love2sing2007 said...

Naps are amazing things aren't they?

haileen2003 said...

Oh! Joan sorry you had such a 'wait' at the Docs for Flu jab. At ours we all arrive at the same time - in within minutes( 4 rooms in operation) Had mine on the 17th Nov. prior to my fall at my home last Friday (see my Journal entry).

PS couldn't read 'comments' (also on others, but not all)

Chin up

sarajanesmiles said...

I really love the picture you used in this entry :o)
They got everyone to come at once for a flu jab at my local Dr's surgery too, as hubby had to get one this year.  I suppose it gets it all out of the way for them, but what a nuisance having to wait for such a long time!!  I'm sorry you felt low, hope that you felt better after your nap.
Sara   x

jacksj989 said...

Hope you are feeling more like your old self, now that the jab has worn off.  

Taggart, well, seeing as it is the original actor, of which I enjoyed, I may have another look at this.

Thank you for mentioning this programme.

By for now,